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Quality Ingredients

How could we serve you anything but quality? At Wings Of Montgomery, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality we can provide. Not only are our wings over-the-top delicious, but you can be confident that they are fresh and hormone-free. Our wings are amazing and ready for your sporting events, family gatherings, or just a night off from cooking.


Delivery coming soon! Yes – when you want our wings, we’ll be there (within reasonable standards of course)!

Fast & Friendly Service

Let’s face it, chicken wings should never be “fast” food if they are truly amazing. But we aim to get them to you as fast as a rooster crows at dawn. And about that “friendly” part? We would never have chosen Montgomery, Texas, as our inaugural location if we weren’t committed to friendly service. Our family pours our heart and soul into serving great chicken wings for this community, whether you need a fast lunch or a party pack for the big game, we are ready to serve you.

Faithfully Serving Montgomery, TX

We pour our heart and soul into making great chicken wings for our community. Whether you need a fast lunch, or a party pack for the big game, we hope you'll stop by Wings Of Montgomery!

Why chicken wings? When we thought about people buying our wings, we pictured families coming together for birthday parties, sports events, and other gatherings. Knowing we could be a part of the celebrations of so many great families in this community, brings a purpose and warmth to our hearts.


Located in the Heart of Downtown Montgomery

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